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is there any way to get the old pre-nxe xbox 360 dashboard back?


i want it back so bad i will use any means necessary. i have ripped it onto a disk and USB and all that and none of it works, and i am also aware that i have to stay offline and that’s fine with me i have 3 hardrives.

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  1. There is no way to downgrade an Xbox Console that has been upgraded to a higher Kernel Dashboard. The only possible thing you could do is to do a RGH (Reset Glitch Hack).

    Also I don’t think you understand what hard drives do. The hard drive does not old the files for the Dashboard so you could not just switch between hard drives and then go back online. If the hard drive held the Dashboard files, how does the dashboard come up with the hard drive unplugged.

    It’s a one time deal (the RGH). So if you want to do it there’s no going back.

    Here’s a link to a well known modding/gaming community called Se7enSins. It’s where I get all my information about Xbox/Live/Modding/Leaks etc.

    [url is not allowed].

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