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Motorcycle Club Game Review (PS4)


Motorcycle Club Game Review (PS4)


  1. This game looks like some shit android downloadable game. I cannot believe these are the guys making the TT game, are they being fucking serious? if they make it like this I'll be pissed off…

  2. holy fucking shit i was not expecting this heap of absolute garbage. on the PS Store if only shows u the fucking title which i literally thought was an awesome sequel to drive club

  3. Motorstorm has a better motorcycle racing mechanic than this. God why did Sony let them add this game to the Ps4 library? Wouldn't it be better if they make a sequel to motorstorm or atleast a remaster?

  4. this game was a total piece of shit. the control sucks, the variety of bikes is below average, and it's just all around a shit game. such a waste of $20.

  5. 6/10?! (The sound of me spitting out my coffee in a rather violent manner) take a gander at the meta critic user reviews sir. 

  6. I don't understand why games like this are made. Waste of money in my opinion. Not worth getting this game. Maybe it might be more fun for a child to play this game

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