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Where do i download the patch so i can play COD black ops?


the games freezes at level project nova and was told that i could. i have signed up to psn but no idea where to find the patch. thansk

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  1. Patches for games are downloaded as soon as you start-up the game from the XMB.

    If your game keeps freezing, it could be two things I can think of.

    1. Your disc may be dirty or scratched.

    2. Your game data is corrupt.

    If corrupt data is the problem, go into the ‘game data utility’ folder on the ps3 and delete the black ops file, re-boot the game, download the patch an try again.

  2. You automatically download a patch when you start a game when you are online.

    1. Check your internet connection

    2. Your game data may be corrupted and as the other person said delete the save file which would mean you wouldd have to start again on it

    3 Your disc may need replacing if it is broken

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