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Why is my PS3 controller still flashing?


I bought a new PS3 controller today (the official Sony brand) and I’m charging it on this charger by Energizer:

[url is not allowed].

Anyway, when the light on the charger turns green, that means it’s fully charged. The light just turned green, but the four red tiny lights on top of the controller are still flashing, as if it’s still charging. What’s going on? It isn’t doing this with my other PS3 controller I already had.

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  1. depends are they flashing rapidly or slowly if slowly then get the PS3 charger cable and pair it with the console

    to pair a controller with a PS3

    1. turn the Controller on and the PS3

    2. get the PS3 charger cable

    3. plug the USB in the PS3 and the mini USB in the controller

    4. the controller and the PS3 should automatically pair

    P.S. you NEED the PS3 charger cable to pair the controller with the PS3

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