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Yah Mo Play: Buzz! Quiz TV: VS Multiplayer Part 1: Nut Buzz


Did you know? I probably won’t do anymore “did you knows”.

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From the Wiki:

Buzz!: Quiz TV, developed by Relentless Software and Sleepydog, is the seventh game in the Buzz! series of quiz games and the first to appear on the PlayStation 3 console.

When playing a local multiplayer game with up to four players a game consists of seven rounds. These are Point Builder where each player is awarded 250 points for each correct answer; six questions are asked allowing a maximum of 1500 points in the first round. In the Pass The Bomb or Short Fuse round, a player is selected at random to be given the bomb and must then answer a question correctly to pass the bomb to the next player. The player holding the bomb when it explodes loses 300 points. In the Fastest Finger round, the player who answers the question the fastest receives the most points and each subsequent player who answers correctly receives less points; in a 4 player game the first correct answer is worth 400, the second is worth 300 points, then 200 and 100 if all 4 players answer correctly. In Pie Fight, the first player to answer correctly gains control of a cream pie and must then press their buzzer as a target passes over the player they want the pie to hit. Each player can be hit by two pies, after which they will be knocked out of the round.

In Point Stealer the first player to answer correctly selects another player to steal points from, taking 300 from the selected opponent’s score and adding it to their own. For High Stakes, a brief description of the topic the next question will be based on is displayed on-screen. Players must then decide how many points they wish to gamble (50, 100, 250 or 500) that they will answer the question correctly. The game ends with The Final Countdown. Here, each player is on a raised podium – the higher your score going into this final round, the higher your podium. Once the round starts as each question is asked everyone’s podiums start constantly moving towards the ground until an answer is selected. Once all have selected answers or run out of time the correct answer is revealed. The first correct answer gains the player a boost, and incorrect answers cause the player’s podium to drop sharply. When a player’s podium reaches the ground, that player is out. The winner is the last player left on their podium.

Yah Mo Play: Buzz! Quiz TV: VS Multiplayer Part 1: Nut Buzz


  1. sera possivel arranjarem o buzz para pc ou para android amo este jogo e nao o encontro para jogar no pc ou android. por favor arranjem me isso. cumprimentos

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