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Fix my PS3 controller?


My PS3 controller is slightly faulty. It presses the button X and TRIANGLE randomly, and it can really get annoying. Things is, I don’t want to buy a new one as they are expensive. Anywhere I can get it repaired cheap like below £15. By the way, all prices in UK please.


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  1. Be careful with you controller, I gave it for a fix and the guy could not put it back together. The trigger buttons sometimes do not go back properly.

    If you do get it fixed do it from a good professional guy or just buy it off amazon or ebay.

    Btw, check this out.

    [url is not allowed]

    They sell used stuff, but reliable.

  2. My controller broke as well so I went on amazon and bought a third party wired controller (not made by sony). It was only like £6. I did try opening my controller but I couldn’t fix it.

    If you do open it and can’t put it together watch clips on YouTube, it helps.

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