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Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection – GameTrailers Review


Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection - GameTrailers Review

IGN Reviews - Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD Game Review


  1. I feel the low gameplay rating is a user failure. I've never played these games before and recently got the collection. I'm halfway through Ico according to how many save points and it's only taken an hour. After quickly dying from the specific jump mechanics I quickly adapted to it following the developers rules. The camera too is brilliant despite being the technically archaic. If you abide by the rules of the beautifully artsy camera and precise controls, the game plays and works fantastically. I'm really excited to play SoC after a decade of hearing how great it is.

  2. +kakachi100 It's not the content of the stories, but how they handled them to be so limited in-game yet so deep and immersive that makes the stories as great as they are.

  3. I know a big company like Gametrailers won't probably read this but they're my second favorite reviewers of all time. (Behind Elder-Geek) This announcer has been at it forever and it's so cool to have him every time.

  4. Im normally not one to bitch bout reviews, but 8.0 ? lets just say I wouldnt have given it that score. It isnt technically impressive anymore compared to other achievements ? Like which ? What game has beaten the way you climb the colossus in these games ? The cheesy God of War QTE scenes ? The jerky dragon fights of skyrim ? Seriously what beats Ico and Shadow of the Colossus in what it does technically really ? Or is it all about polygons and draw distances ? 

  5. why the hell has story a beter point than gameplay, there isnt much story to begin whit ( yea the story is good but there isnt much ) the gameplay is great and the camera problems are no problem at all you just need to learn how to play and have some patience whit the game 

  6. @NarwhalKnight1337 twice? Try quintuple, or even sextuple! Perhaps even more, but you my friend certainly have far to go with your math skills when it comes to things of such an awesome caliber.

  7. cuz the original shadow on the ps2 got a 9.5 i think of 10… not sure and this got an 8… you do the math 

  8. Shadow of the colossus is my all time favorite game, i can not express with words the impact that this game had on me, it is truly a work of art and a landmark video game

  9. bro a couple of bosses in shadow colossus was eerie. very. like the one where you have to swim… ugh. and even when the flying one begins. half the colossus give the feeling of "I'm scared, I'm actually scared." and "how the ** am I going to defeat this

  10. Ico, along with Beyond Good and Evil, are some of the games I return to at least once a year to rekindle my love affair with games and are without a doubt as close to you can get to high art in the game genre. I also disagree with the reviewer saying Ico hasn't aged well. Ico is a wonderful journey to embark on and the ending is just amazing.
    The sound effects alone are amazing, from the seagulls, to the drip of cascading water, the clink of chains, the cavernous howl of the wind, or the flickering of a torch. Minimalist gaming at its best.

  11. As far as best game ever made goes, I think shadow just falls barely under oot. Just because there's far less content, even if it was intentional, but still love it regardless.

  12. Ico and Shadow of the colossus- 2 of the best games on the ps2 and maybe of all time (Shadow of the colossus is my favourite game) 8.5/10

    Black ops 3- Same game as before with new maps, guns, and that's it. 9.2/10 EWMGAWD CALL OF DUTY BETTER THAN BLOODBORNE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!

  13. This is one of those few games that are pure magical and amazing and i will always love this game! Ill never sell my copy! Just a brilliant game in every aspect!

  14. Does anyone know if box 8 & 9 in the bonus content actually contain anything? I have yet to get 100% of all the trophies for either game. I'm almost about to with Shadow Of The Colossus. I only have one colossi left to take down in hard time attack mode. If any content is available in those boxes, you probably have to get all the trophies in order unlock them. Then again, they might not contain anything. ? ?

  15. both games are in the same universe (spoilers) the boy in ico is wander at the end wander was turned into a baby and had horns mkay

  16. Picked this up about a week ago, totally worth it. I heard high praise about both games over the years and I figured I have to try them. Both interesting and beautiful games, though they have not aged well as far as looks. I'd say it's like playing arcade or indie titles that look good sound good and play well. Worth your money for sure.

  17. really weird way to review 2 games simultaniously, just review ico first, and shadow second in one video.

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