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NHL 17 Review


NHL 17 Review

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  1. The Blues lost the Conference Finals, but Vladimir Tarensenko was on the cover. Sidney Crosby could've been on the cover, but didn't

  2. I hope NHL18 runs on the Frostbite Engine.The Ignite Engine is is decent but Frostbite is one of the best engines ever.

  3. Until they make the net-minding even again…screw this now-worthless series.

    Typical contest on Pro mode: Their goalie…4 GA's on 20 SOG's. My goalie…3 GA's on 8 SOG's. LIKE. CLOCKWORK. >(

  4. I'm wondering if the fans who wanted Doc and Edzo for the new play by play team were thoroughly disappointed. Sounds to me like they got a very toned down version. If a sports sim is supposed to mimic the real life experience, then the commentary should at least be somewhat accurate.

  5. EA had so much potential in this game with the new modes. But the gameplay in this game is the worst! I hate how they're the only ones who make nhl games now.. I kinda wish they would just quit making nhl games… cause they do nothing but release disappointment.

  6. I'm loving NHL 17 thanks ea but please add back winter classic games again? And 94 mode was cool I liked the old look

  7. Does anyone. know how to spirit on PS4? I got the game yesterday, I know all the controls except sprinting.

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