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Only 18 Million Xbox One Consoles Sold Since Launch?Next PS4/Xbox One Could Arrive In 2019. Deus Ex


Only 18 Million Xbox One Consoles Sold Since Launch?Next PS4/Xbox One  Could Arrive In 2019. Deus Ex


  1. What are the ps4 numbers now? I heard they're close to 50 million but highly doubt that… I mean that's ludacris! 50 million consoles sold in just about 3 years! Wow!

  2. Microsoft was stupid to make u have to update to play ,many families can't afford high speed Internet, so let's say a boy gets xbox for Christmas from grandma but dad can't afford high speed Internet every month , now since u need a update 2 play , u have to now sell your xbox and buy a ps4 to play high quality games when ever u wanna play them , Microsoft didn't have everyone in mind so they lost out , anyone can get a next Gen system, gamestop had deal wit trading your old console so getting the system ain't the problem, paying 300+ for a system that u can't use all the time if u don't have high speed Internet , ba st icky fuck the little guy

  3. This why there are console wars in the first place, because Youtubers keeping bringing up sales and act like it matters.

    "I don't play sales, I play games" -The Red Dragon

  4. first sony shited nintendo for not buying theyr CD Drive Technology and they just made a superior gaming console with half of the bits (64bits of the Nintendo 64 vs 32bits of the PlayStation) just to shit them even more and prove theyr point, then Sega came with the Dreamcast aiming for the gold trophy and sony just vanish them with the PS2, after that Microsoft retake the idea of Sega and made the X-Box just to see that Sony´s PS2 won that console wars gen, is not just about hardware, is about geting good balance at the end, then PS3 vs XBX360 gen came and both consoles and the whole gen just sux äss, current gen so far is equal shity tan the previous one, 2 years gone and we dont have a single top notch title, just remakes, refries and few mediocre 7 – 8.5 games, last hope is this next wave of titles coming in March, if The División and Uncharted 4 turns into another dissapointment just like the last assassins creed or the last metal gear solid the next hope will be The Last Guardian or FFVII remake or maybe FFXV but people are saying that that last SquareEnix title will be not so great, so i hope not to have a crappy VG generation again, another 5-6 years with few mediocre games once in a while, and what a sad thing is to see that in a shity VG era a console competitor is 50% way behind, Microsoft can't understand the lesson yet, theyr hardware is inferior, theyr games poor and undetailed, if microsoft keep doing the things like that and keep making dog poop games like shooters and first person stuffs then they may start digging theyr tombs just like Sega did.

  5. 18 million isn't all that bad actually. That's a lot of consoles. I'm not sure what numbers people find impressive anymore…

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