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Ps3 themes question.?


there is the little big planet ps3 dynamic theme , and if someone know a link where i can download it because my psn balance is over and if not someone who have a psn account who downloaded it please give me your account by a message to my mail

and a last question can i add money to ps store using paymo(paying by mobile)

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  1. Go to the ps3’s internet browser and go to ps3-themes.com and you can download them straight to your PS3 system. you could also just download from your computer to make looking for themes much more faster. all you will need is a flash drive and a computer with internet.

    1. Download the themes you want to your computer

    2. Plugin your flash drive to your computer

    3. While your in your flash drive make folders like this. PS3>THEMES

    4. Now just cut or copy your themes in to the THEMES folder then unplug

    5. Plug your flash drive into your PS3

    6. After you connected your flash drive to your PS3 go to SETTINGS>THEMES press triangle on your controller and scroll up to “Install” then just install every theme on your flash drive to your PS3.

    Hope i helped.

    Why buy themes when you can get awesome looking ones for free!!

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