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Tales of Zestiria PS4 Let’s Play Walkthrough Part 1 | Tales of Zestiria Gameplay


Tales of Zestiria PS4 Let's Play Walkthrough Part 1 | Tales of Zestiria Gameplay

Tales of Zestiria - Review



  2. I just want to check this because am so amaze of the graphics on the Anime series of this, well wow! the Graphics are just so awesome just like in the Anime series, am like watching the actual series of the anime.

  3. oh please stop making videos, fackign ugly fat disgusting rude hypocryte, when tthe game is soooooooo goooooooooood you finish it, and playing english dub? jesus go fucking learn japanese and play the original one

  4. Lol, i'm just watching this cause the anime only comes out once a week, and i dont want to wait for it, so yeah lol…

  5. Game's too shitty for me. Battling is cool, but the story could be improved and Sorey's character's personality and looks are way too damn cheesy. I'll watch it, but no way in hell I'm buying it.

  6. pro tip 1: play this with the japanese audio. the english dub is so bad. just hearing the clips in this review made me cringe. those "sterile conversations" have a lot more life to them as the parts were writen for the japanese voice cast like most anime are.

    pro tip 2: the bad battle camera can be countered by tapping the "free run" button most of the time.

  7. Your rating is right on the money. I've played every Tales game and Zestiria is the worst one; however, it is not a bad game by any means.

  8. That's a PS4 game? Why do thew graphics look so horrible? I've seen better graphics on the PS2 lmao

  9. whats up with all this hate speech…. I'm completely hooked to this game like 3 hours in. Absolutely loving it

  10. One of my favorite tales game because of how the armatization looks and the story I want to get the Alisha story too so badly :(

  11. I really wanted to like Zestiria in the beginning, but the combat is boring, the rock paper scissors mechanic is vastly overshadowed by the broken grade system (mystic arte until you win. That's the difference between 40 grade and 3,000 grade), 80% of the game is walking, you LOSE EXP for increasing the difficulty, making leveling a separate chore from farming grade and/or items and money, and the only tolerable method of farming for good gear and weapon fusions/money is still contrived and mindless.

    The best part about this game is it's music. The best character is Edna. Why? Because I can't take any of the cast seriously, and Edna is at least kind of funny and charming. Zestiria had gigantic ambitions after Xillia 2 because Xillia 2 was a game jam packed with two game's worth of assets, character building, and INCREDIBLE fighting. The problem was that it was rushed to appeal to PS4 fanboys, and has little to no good content in it. It's boring. It was released soon, and it's forever bad because of it.

    Also, they fucking dont let you have Alisha in your party at the end of the game/for most of it? What's the point in getting gear for her then? She can't Armatize? WHY? Terrific job, Bamco. At least with Flynn in the US release of Vesperia, it was just one fight we got to use him for. We didn't much care. But with ALISHA, we get to literally walk around with her for the first major arc of the game. THE FIRST ARC.

    4/10. game. Zestiria completely shits on what made Xillia and Xillia 2 good. Let's hope they make Berseria without absolutely rushing it.

  12. TBH, I did enjoy the game, but not much as the old ones. Combat system is fine, and music is, actually, one of the best I even imported the OST, but story sucks…HARD. It was almost bad as Xillia which I hated the most. I'm a big fan of Tales series and played almost every games except few hand held console version. I'm still looking forward to see something like Vesperia and Eternia

  13. Weakest entry to the series, especially after Xillia 2. The battle system is slow and clunky, the item synthesize system is grindy, and worst of all, the artes feel weak. The freedom of xillia's battle system vs zestiria's is like night and day. This is the first tales game i could not bring myself to finish as it was just boring.

  14. sigh… man I just can't get into this game. I hate the new battle system and character progression being so tied to equipment. everything is too complicated.

  15. please tell me the main isn't just another altruistic, can do no bad kinda character as I hate the goody goody 2 shoes characters I want another anti hero like Yuri from tales of vesperia.

  16. I pretty much agree on those points and understand the rating though it could've been at least an eight and you could've said something about the brilliant soundtrack. One of the few times, I was aching to find those songs online and listen to them for hours.

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