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What’s the best Ps3 bundle deal?


Ive looked around for bundles but want to know which is the best in your opinion.

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  1. I saw the uncharted 3 bundle with batman arkham city and another game free with it for 4299 at gamestop , that is a great deal

    the best game bundle i saw was the goldeneye 007 playstation move bundle , for $149 you get the game , playstation move , playstation navigation controller , sharpshooter gun attachment and camera , that is only $50 more than the move bundle and it includes the navigation controller , a better game and the shapshooter which are worth over $100 just for those

  2. in the uk , its the ps3 320gb , uncharted 3 bundle with 3 other games for £249.99 and and extra ps3 pad

  3. While the deals the other users posted look somewhat cheaper, I saw an inFAMOUS 2 Ps3 bundle for $399 at Wal-Mart.

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