Home Playstation Forum which console is better for playing these games?

which console is better for playing these games?


i am decided to buy a gaming console xbox 360 or ps3 and i want to play these games-

battlefield bad company 2

gta 4

call of duty black ops

mafia 2

crysis 2

just cause 2

farcry 2

so suggest me a console?

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  1. The Ps3 Slim version is super cool.I already own the fat version.Planning to buy the new version as well.

    Being the owner of Xbox 360 and PS3 I can honestly tell you that PS3 has a much better value for money than Xbox anyday even with with the unreduced cost($399).


  2. ps3 –>

    xbox internet $60 year/, therefore if you have it for 3 years thats $180 right there! if you have it for more its more $$$, so ps3 is actually cheaper!

    plus with ps3 you get a blu-ray player to watch blu-ray movies!!

  3. The xbox is the best choice is xbox 360 if you want no modders and less lag. The ps3 online is free but lots of modders also the xbox does cost money for online and is better. People actually sued tryarch for not completely developing black ops for the ps3.

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