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Which Console Should you Get? | Xbox One or PS4


Today I discuss the things that I feel you should consider when trying to decide between the PS4 and Xbox One. I also share some of my own personal thoughts and experiences with each consoles.

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Which Console Should you Get? | Xbox One or PS4

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  1. Guys please respond to to this I'm 13 and want to trade my ps4 and the games I have for it all for an Xbox one do you think I should do that or until the next Xbox comes out here are the games I have for ps4 FIFA 17 Cod bo3 heavy rain gta 5 terraria minecraft bully pvz gw2 mc story mode
    Thx if you respond

  2. Nintendo slowly digging their self a grave not listening to the hardcore gamers I'm done with them

  3. I bought a Xbox One because I had a Xbox 360 and also my friends had a Xbox 360 and bought a Xbox One. I don't care about console specific games like Uncharted, Last of Us for PS4. Beside CoD I play racing games, And on the Xbox 360 I played a lot of Forza Horizon, so thats why I also bought a Xbxo One, and I'm also paying for Xbox Live and don't want to have an another subscription. Also I love the Xbox controller so for me to switch to an another console is very hard to get the feeling of the PS controller (I played at a friend of mine on a PS3 and I was a big noob with that controller because I got the feeling for the Xbox controller, just like I'm playing CoD on PC (which I have) I don't use mouse and keyboard because my aim sucks to hard in compared with a Xbox controller (I only use a Xbox controller on PC).

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