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Why is my xbox live lagging?


I just got Clearwire internet a while back, and I hooked it all up and connected my Xbox 360 like 2 weeks ago. When i first signed into xbox live my games didn’t lag at all, and I had a full signal on my Clearwire wireless modem. But now my games are lagging really bad, even though my Clearwire wireless modem still has a full signal. Though very very rarely will I play a game such as halo 3, and it won’t lag but like I said that rarely happens. So i’m wondering how can I fix the lagging.

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  1. Game lag has a lot of reasons behind it.

    1. the people you play with are from a different area and your router is trying to signal up with theirs.

    2. some one might be using a Lag switch and slowing the game play down to cheat. You can see your signal fluctuate. and you can see who’s cheating.

    3. call your internet provider and have them check your signal. and or your router.

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