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Xbox 360 HDMI Delay?


Hey Everybody. I recently got one of the new xbox 360’s and connected it to my new vizio tv via HDMI cable. and i was just wondering because when i turn my 360 on there is a delay to when i actually see the picture on my tv. i see the end of the little xbox logo intro wben you turn your 360 on. but if my tv is off when i turn my 360 on. my 360 waits until the tv is on until it starts booting up and then i see the circles around the power button spin and i still get the delayed intro. i just wanted to know if this is normal activity for an HDMI cable or if there is anything i should worry about

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  1. You may have plugged the HDMI cable in the wrong way. Try switching the ends.

    If this doesnt work, I recommend turning off the power to that outlet, via your electrical breaker, and letting no power get to any of the electronic equipment (tv xbox) for at least 3 hours. Then trying again.

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