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xbox 360 vs xbox live vs xbox one?


If I were to buy one, which one would you recommend? Can you still play the same games and what’s the difference between them? Obviously they’re going to have different features and a different console and stuff. But I’m kind of new to this. Explain to me please? lol thank you.

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  1. The Xbox 1 requires a daily internet connection, or it won’t play. So this means if you want to go on a vacation and there is no internet and decide to maybe play some Xbox your screwed. and the Xbox 1 is also a couple hundred dollars more expensive. How ever the Xbox 1 has MUCH better hard ware specs than the 360 ([url is not allowed]) and is going to out preform the Xbox 360 by a long ways. Unfortunately the Xbox 1 Is NOT back wards compatible (That means No Halo 3,Reach,ODST, or 4 and Halo Wars) or any call of duty games or other 360 games. So personally I recommend the 360 any day due to there are much more Xbox 360 games out there and besides, being a huge Halo fan I don’t want to give up all the Halo games for the 360. Also the only Xbox 360 you would want to buy is the New Xbox 360 Slim (Since the rest don’t have built in WIFI). Also Xbox live is a per month paid service (Required by both for multiplayer modes) and it’s like 12 – 15 dollars a month (US Dollars). Hope this Helps,


  2. Xbox Live is a service provided by Microsoft.

    The Xbox one is Basically an updated version of the 360 (Better Graphics, more features etc…). The drawback of having this new system is that you’ll still need to have a 360 if you want to play 360 games as it isn’t backwards compatible.

  3. Let me help you out a bit. Xbox live isn’t a console its what connect you to the internet through your Xbox console. Also since the Xbox One isn’t out yet and looks like it’s going to be * get an Xbox 360. Completely worth the money you pay for. Oh and heres a few games to get you started:

    Mostly the common games:

    Gears of War series

    Halo series

    Skyrim (djdkdbjs)

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Saints Row The Third

    Call of Duty Black Ops and Black Ops 2


    I take my gaming seriously x’D

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