Home Playstation Games Classic Game Room – CRAZY TAXI for PS3 review

Classic Game Room – CRAZY TAXI for PS3 review


Classic Game Room - CRAZY TAXI for PS3 review


  1. Why did they redo B. D. Joe's voice? I know it's not just in this PS3 version but the Dreamcast version's not the same as this.

  2. Sucks they replaced The Offspring's music from the original release – I'm not even all that much of an Offspring fan, but that soundtrack defined this game's personality. Without it, it just kinda seems like a cheap knock-off.

  3. I found the arcade machine at a beach bar in Italy. most of my spending money was gone within a day.

  4. F yeah was on the dreamcast and at the time the graphics were amazing miles away anything the ps2 could do. SO much fun to play. I guess the DC had better anti aliasing graphically and why games looked better than ps2 versions of these ports. My only complaint on the re-release is the missing original soundtrack which rocks!

  5. I dont remember the pop up being so awful. I owned it for dreamcast. I cant remember such horrible pop up.

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