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Copying PS3 Games – Using Software to Get the Job Done


Let’s face it, new games are pretty easy to damage and expensive to replace. That’s why, copying PS3 games is so important. For this, you will need game copying software.

How to Find Good Software

Before you purchase software for copying PS3 games, you need to research the various software platforms available. Look at what other users are saying about it. If they find it hard to use or complain of a high error rate it’s best to move on. Testimonials are key in finding the right software for you.

Use Software that is Easy to Understand

Good game burning software is essential for creating backups. All you should have to do to create a copy with a good software platform is:

  • install the game burning software
  • insert your game into the CD/DVD drive of your computer
  • click ‘copy’ let the program make a copy. The software will decode the copy protection on the disc at this point. You don’t have to do anything but wait.
  • insert your blank media – both CDs and DVDs work – and wait for your game to finish copying.

The result is a fully functional game that is barely any different than your original.


With new games costing, in most cases $50 and up, copying PS3 games is a great way to prevent yourself from having to pay that multiple times to replace damaged games. For that reason, the price of decent software is worth it.

The Best Software for Copying PS3 Games Safely and Easily

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