Home Xbox Forum i have two xbox 720 questions?

i have two xbox 720 questions?


are you going to be able to use your xbox 360 hard drive on it?


are your xbox 360 games going to work on it?

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  1. There is no Xbox 720 (or 3rd generation Xbox) if thats what you are referring to. If it is the new slim model Xbox 360 that you are talking about, thats still a Xbox 360 so yes the games will work but no older model hard drives would not be able to work.

  2. what ever the next xbox is called, one thing is for sure, no oneknows what it will be or do.

    i would not count on backwards compatibility, especially since the original xbox360 did not have it. it was added in an an update after consumers compalined. hell microsoft even said at a press conference during the 360’s release, thatpoeple didnt care about being able to play the old games. oops, lol. so it’s anyone’s guess.

    hard drive? gotta say no. the current slim uses a different hard drive from the older 360’s and i don’t see a reason to think that it wont change again on a newer console.

  3. I doubt the hard drive well work. Maybe the new Xbox Slim hard drive, But even that is just guessing.

    They probably well have some form of backwards compatibility. How much we don’t know. even that is just a guess, and if they keep using ATI graphics. (The first xbox had Nvida Graphics, and to have backwards compatibility they had to pay Nvida money for using there technology on the xbox 360)

  4. We don’t even know what the next xbox 360 is capable of. It maybe another 5 years before we see/hear anything. PS3/Xbox 360 will be in their 10 years cycle before the next system replace them. Possibly longer. As a wild guess, yes it will be backward compatible but no on harddrives. I’m sure they’ll come with a transfer cable to do that.

  5. Only time will tell my friend

    but my guess though is no for the xbox 360 hard drives, but yes to playing games for 360 on it

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