Home Playstation Forum Will sony start selling ps3 with hdmi?

Will sony start selling ps3 with hdmi?


Like a 160gb ps3 with an hdmi cable instead of the other cable it comes with

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  1. I doubt it. They may start making PS3 branded ones though, seeing that they will be shipping out consoles where the normal AV cables don’t show HD anymore.

  2. HDMI cables are pretty cheap, i don’t think they will because everyone can use the other cable, but not everyone can use an HDMI cable if they dont have a HDTV

  3. Just buy an HDMI cable at a store or online. But beware, in stores they tell you to buy brands like Monster which can be 100$+. HDMI cables all work the same, it’s just that some have better insulation and whatnot to make them last longer. Try sites like monoprice or amazon to get 1$-5$ cables that will work fine.

  4. I don’t think that ever will just because I don’t believe that sony mKes a hdmi cable and it’s always been kind of an after market thing anyway

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