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XBOX Microsoft E3 2016 Conference


Microsoft Xbox E3 2016 Conference Live Reactions – Xbox One S – Forza Horizon 3 ? Halo Wars Gears 4 ??? Xbox Scorpio
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XBOX Microsoft E3 2016 Conference


  1. "Xbox one family" so will the Scorpio be A Xbox one just a lot more powerful? or will it be a completely new Xbox like how the Xbox one was to the 360?

  2. Sorry but the only fun fighting games are Mortal Kombat and Injustice, Killer Instinct,Street fighter, and Tekken are all the same to me and they just don't have that flare MK and injustice have.

  3. the xbox1 is such a fucking faliure. stop buying Microsoft products so new technology companies can arise and make something that will be actually amazing

  4. why does Microsoft have to be so fake, Kinect fake, was aloud of ass. hardware, slow, lack of power, unable to play future titles with a playable frame rate, come on.

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