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How much could I get if I tried to sell my PS2/2 controllers/Memory Card/Accessories/Games?


Its the slim PS2 and the accessories include a memory extension pack and a multitap.

The games include:

NBA Live 08

NBA Live 09

NBA Live 07

Harry Potter III

Harry Potter IV

Spider Man 3

Frogger: Ancient Shadow


Guitar Hero 80s

NBA 2K10

The Sims



The Sims 2

MX vs ATV Unleashed

MX Unleashed

Super Truck Racing

Terminator 3

Fantastic 4

The SpongeBob SquarePants movie


Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Need for Speed Prostreet


The Sims 2 Pets

NBA 2K12

PC games:

The Sims 3

The Sims 3 outdoorliving

The Sims 3 nightlife

The Sims 3 Fast lane

The Sims 3 high end loft

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  1. I’m sorry buddy but with Gamestop, they will never ever offer you a lot of money.

    Here’s what I think they will give you if you are the LUCKIEST B@STARD ON THIS PLANET:

    Console = $5

    Games = $6 or $7

    Accessories = $10

    Total = $21 – $22

    As for the PC games, chances are they won’t give you more than $20.

  2. GameStop will just rip you off. You could sell the PS2 online for $50 at the most, but no one will probably want most of those games. In reality, $50 is a lot more useless compared to if you were to just keep everything. I stopped selling my games because you get nothing for it. Just keep it.

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