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ps3 price drop is it going to happen?



  1. It may be possible but with a little bit of setback. Like the 80GB that was reduced from $499 to $399 but lost the backwards compatibility. Sony can really make the PS3 price competitive but they have to take something back. Because with xbox, $299 is a good price but the wifi adapter is separate and costs $100. But with PS3, wifi is built-in @ $399 with a bonus Blu-Ray player. And blu-ray technology is the best thing in video technology to date.

  2. I’d say yes. With the xbox 360 being so low in price i think that sony needs to cut it to stay competitive. Although with all the features it’s still a good deal, but if u look at blu ray players right now there coming down in price as well. I give it 6 months and the price will drop by at least 50-80 bucks. If you don’t have one and are waiting for the price to drop i hope it does.

  3. Yeah, maybe next year. More games are coming plus I bet there’s gonna be a new version of the PS3 sometime this year, or nxt year.

    Anyway, the PS3 is a good purchase, you won’t regret buying it. 🙂

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