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Question about ps3 hd upscaling? So confused?


I have a PS3 and a vizio 1080p tv. But grand theft auto 4 keeps playing in 720p. How do i get all my games to play in 1080p. Grand theft auto 4 works in 1080p. And to add i have guitar hero games. Which only support 720p.
I tried that in video settings but There is a little box that says 480p and i cant click on it. So whenever i play a 1080p game it always chooses 480p.

But i also noticed my PS3 home screen is in 1080p but the moment i chose a 1080p game it downscales.

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  1. The PS3 chooses the native resolution over everything else, and in 95% of PS3 games, the native resolution is going to be 720p. That includes GTA IV and Guitar Hero. You need to disable 720p from the HDMI Display Setup to “force” the console to upscale to 1080p.

    The PS3 usually does not screw things like this up. If its choosing 720p by default, then its in your best interest to stick with it, as that is where you will get the best possible picture. Upscaling to 1080p does not always mean better picture.

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