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Singstar Back To The 80’s Trailer (PS3). Koop al je games bij Gamediscounter.com!


Singstar Back To The 80's Trailer (PS3). Koop al je games bij Gamediscounter.com!

http://www.gamezplay.org – SingStar® Back To The ’80s from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s London Studios, comes packed with 30 classic tracks from the ’80s that are guaranteed to throw you back to your school disco days. For the first time, a full list of the unforgettable tunes you will be reliving on PlayStation®3, this autumn 2011 has been revealed.

Complete with original videos[1], the SingStar® Back To The ’80s line up captures the true spirit of the ’80s. You can sing your heart out to Wham! and their classic hit ‘Freedom’, Beastie Boys and renowned track ‘(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)’ and not forgetting The Human League with ‘Don’t You Want Me’ to name but a few – you will be forgiven for believing you’re back in the days when blue eye shadow and acid washed jeans were a must.

The track list is full of the most treasured tunes that the ’80s era had to offer, including the incredible Soul II Soul, Kim Wilde, Elton John and melodic icon Jennifer Rush – so backcomb your hair, pull on your fingerless lace gloves and grab your neon legwarmers to sing along to original classic ’80s tunes.

SingStar: Back to the 80s Bros  HD game trailer - PS2

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