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Valentino Rossi The Game Review


My review of Valentino Rossi The Game
One thing I forgot to mention was the AI, slightly improved after last year in the respect that they will occasionally try to out brake you, however they are still far too easy.

Valentino Rossi The Game Review

Valentino Rossi: The Game - MotoGP 2016 - PC PS4 XB1 Review


  1. Is there a mod to make the bikes hit the riders during a crash? And another to make them last longer? Love the new Ragdoll thing but this would make it even better

  2. Milestone does a good job with bike games. If Codemasters developed these games we would never get the 600 or 250 bikes.

  3. Hi Robo, great channel. Enjoying Rossi game, plays and looks great. Liking the rs250s especially.
    What do you think of the player/ai collisions? I think in motogp 13 was very unfair apart from in moto 3. Skipped 14 for this reason but in 15 was fine, great fair racing in all categories. Undecided about latest version, you know when you just get run over by the AI yet doesn't work out that way when roles reversed? Remember in 13 I'd run with rewinds just for that purpose.

  4. Good stuff.
    One thing I don't like in the game however, it's the lack of rider's celebrations after the win, like they had a small cutscene in previous games showing the riders in parc fermé after the race.
    With sports games getting more and more complex with cutscenes and all in their respective career modes, MotoGP seems a step back in that regard, and the mode becomes dull after a while.

  5. hahah nice video and i guess it would be a 9 out of 10 if the A.I was giving you a challenge? 😀

  6. Thanks for review Robo watched all your videos of this game think it's time to buy it to put me on whilst new TT game comes out

  7. Excellent review Robo, glad you mentioned the frame rate issues as this was the only thing stopping me getting the game. Still, shouldn't be seeing any drops though.

  8. Without a proper input device, I think its pointless to pursue simulation level physics for motorcycles games. That being said, the physics of VR the Game look very convincing to me (real life motorcycle experience and trackdays) in pro physics. There is a lot of depth in the controls, and real racing lines and techniques work in the game. You can't just grab a handful or brake, and hope to make the corner. You have to trade braking power and lean angle as you make your way into the corner, then power out of the corner with a steady throttle hand.

    Milestone games have shoddy build quality, but the core gameplay is superb, so is the amount of content. They have taken great care to simulate lack of engine braking and finicky powerband of 2 stroke bikes.

    This is not a perfect game, but despite its flaws its the best motorcycle road racing game built to date. I hope this game sells well and other devs/pubs take notice and bring some competition to this genre of games.

  9. They should have included an unlockable port of Road Rash. I'd have bought the game just for that.

  10. Your alive that's fantastic news GM! Sry off topic again but I just wanted to mention how much I am enjoying VR m8, project cars came alive, vorpx and flawless widescreen and virtual desktop are fantastic! Fallout 4 with forest renewal mod in VR is magical, SDK is very useful as well thank you for that tip!! I also got really lucky and picked up a used gtx 1080 founders addition. I won't bore you with that story but it it was a real fluke.

  11. Clearly you haven't tried Piboso's GP bikes. Why don't you give it a shot? Sure there is no AI and almost no content but as motorcycle physics it blows everything out of water which is why the general public will never buy a hardcore game/simulation like this. Milestone on the other hand…. We all know milestone don't we?

  12. Didn't even realise this was out.
    Not surprised this game contains some rally events and off road mind, as Rossi loves all that type of stuff.

    But you are right on the game being very unappealing, it hurt my eyes looking at it looked like it had been developed as launch title for the 360.

    Just one thing for you to note mind, they are riders not drivers 😉

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