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When will the playstation network card for ps3 store be released in AUS?


i don’t have a credit card, so i made some research on the internet how to buy stuff in the ps3 store, but it appears that the only way at this point is to use a credit card. and now i can’t really find a specific date on the release of the psn card. sony is making it soo hard for people to give them money.

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  1. I think they only do japanese cards, Kind of annoying.

    Are there no pre-paid cards you can get in Australia?

    In the UK and america you can get PrePaid Visa cards that work like phone cards, You top it up with cash in a post office or shops that support it and you can use it as a credit card to buy things online.

    You could also try and get a debit card if you’re old enough (16 in the UK)

    Is there anyone who would be willing to let you use their card?, Just give them $10 and add $10 to your PSN wallet

    You can Change the card you use anytime on it, I use mine mainly but if i have no cash in my account i will use a friends card and give him the money back, I’ve also used my parents cards.

  2. You Can go to wal*mart and buy a card and put money on it its just like a credit card or buy stuff off ebay but what kind of card is it,if its usefull i would like to have one myself send me an email please

  3. Not at the moment, but you could buy them from America or Japan (I think playasia has some) and use an American or Japanese account to buy things, then switch to your normal account to use the stuff you’ve bought. That’s about all I can think of.

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