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  1. it makes since now, Scuf is a Sony/Microsoft Company to make custom controllers for you (A.K.A More Money For Them) That's Why Controllers Arent made that way out of the box that comes With the Playstation/X-Box.

  2. For a pc to run bo3 it costs about 750$ if not more the ps4 slim 200$ so… yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. I think the elite controller is better bc u can change the d pad from disc and normal and can move the paddles around, nicer paddles, and change the Analog sticks, and the trigger locks

  4. If you have an extra PS4 controller. SCUF has a "send in controller" option where if you provide the controller you just pay for options and service. It dropped my cost about 65 bucks. However, after about a year my palm grips are ripped to shreds from constant use and my left thumb stick is too. Debating if I want to get a new one or just use it until the wheels fall off. Can't get too mad, normal wear and tear for the amount of games I play in over a year, it was bound to happen. Also, pro tip. Don't get white thumbs sticks. They look pretty out the box, but fade and become discolored fairly quickly (at least if you use it a lot, which again, makes sense)

  5. i miss these days of Unbox Therapy where Lew's not just shouting around as much and is more informative …

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