Home Xbox Forum Why won’t my HDMI cable work for my Xbox?!?

Why won’t my HDMI cable work for my Xbox?!?


I bought an HDMI cable tonight for my Xbox to my new LCD tv. When I hook it up nothing happens.

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  1. Make sure your TV can handle whatever output the xbox is trying to display.

    I had this same problem. My TV could only display up to 720p and my xbox was set to 1080p. So when i hooked it up, it displayed a blank screen.

  2. Make sure you have both the HDMI and the analog cables (RCA) plugged in. Go to the input that has the RCAs on it, change the settings on the Xbox 360 to 720p or higher, then switch your input to the HDMI. That should take care of it. HDMI will not carry a 480i signal.

  3. My HDTV has three different HDMI output jacks and three different channels which correspond to each output. Just get the TV’s remote and switch to different HDMI channels and you’ll get it.

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