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Xbox One Price Drop, No Kinect, Netflix Paywall Gone – GS Daily News


Xbox One Price Drop, No Kinect, Netflix Paywall Gone - GS Daily News

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  1. I just remembered why I stopped following gamestop. The baised as fuck. They couldn't find the settings on Xbox one which you press one fucking button. They scored DKC TF low because it's to hard. My 7 year old completed that game 100% Fucking hire real gamers or close shop.

  2. All the $499 xbox one owners, you bought the console, Microsoft shafted you. That's their first and only mistake, buying an xbox one

  3. 10 way that Xbox one can beat ps4
    1: free online
    2: No laggy Internet unlike ps3
    3: banded all hacker try hack online service
    4: better service
    5: Microsoft team up with Verizon fast speed internet
    6: few problem with ps3
    7:more excuse game for Xbox one that is my wish list any way make me happy

  4. Y didnt she say that if you stop paying for psn+, like if yew foget, then you lose all ur games you got for free? Hmmmmm? Stupid bitch keep it real! Now i will never take you or game spot seriously. #unsubscribed

  5. This confirms how disconnected Microsoft is from reality!  Sure! What a great Idea, lets force people to use kinect and force them to pay to watch netflix!!!!  Sure what a great Idea, lets force PC users to use a crappy interface on windows, they will buy our tablet for sure!!!  

  6. Well now i wish i bought a PS4 this is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT fuck you microsoft screwing me over for 100 bucks fuck your kinect

  7. Microsoft sailing charts. —–____
                                                         ——________DISGRACE TO EVEN BE CALLED A GAMING CONSLE.

  8. I still think the kinect is great that comes with xbox one. Without kinect xbox one is pointless as it limits most features and I will be buying my Xbox one with kinect. 

  9.  Oh boy now I can get the piece of shit xbox one for $ 100 less. I get inferior graphics and there new poorly and cheaply designed controller for less. FU microsoft. I have been a loyal xbox 360 "fanboy" for for what seems like about 10 years and you put out this bloated piece of crap. I hate you for ruining on line gaming just because you greedy fucks wanted to take over every ones media needs and figuring most gamers would be to stupid to realize what a piece of crap you are pushing on us i.e. xbox one. Well there are some idiots out there ,but not you no doubt realize a lot of us see through your lies.

  10. Can't believe how many are crying about $100.00 price difference yeah I want a new car, wait take off the tires cause because that will lower the sale price,,,,wow got to love it!!!

  11. Microsoft they are just a liars.. they just want money.. and all this shit that will make the xbox one more powerful is shit pub to make us belive again in liars.

  12. This is a very sad day for gaming. Us consumers are stifling innovation! What M$ did with the Kinect was brave, and I commend them for taking the chance! I own a ps4 and do not plan in buying an x1 just purely because i don't think it is a huge step forward from the 360! It looks like we are condemned to the handheld controller for eternity! I only hope we are a little more open minded regarding project Morpheus! If we aren't then I feel that will be the end of true innovation within the gaming industry!

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