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Xbox one price drop soon?


They can’t expect us all to pay 500$ for the Xbox one. I’m not old enough to work yet and now I gotta find some way to rack up 500$. will we expect a price drop soon?

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  1. Not anytime soon. You might be able to find a deal on Black Friday though. You can also wait a month or so when they have cheaper, pre-owned consols. It’ll still take a couple years before stores drop the prices on the new consols.

  2. No the Sony PS4 and Xbox One is too new. Experts say prices for both consoles would come down until at least 2015.

  3. Yes they can, and they do. The XB1 wont drop in price for at least 12 months. Not retail anyway. Youll probably be able to find second hand ones on eBay in a few months, but even then youll still be paying 90% of full price.

  4. People are paying it so far, so why drop the price.

    Don’t expect a drop until late next year, possibly early 2015.

  5. yeah they wont drop unless they come out with another version of the consoles ( like a slim or quieter one). the prices will only go up (bundles)

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