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how come battlefield 3 on xbox 360 in 1080p on my flat screen STILL doesn’t look like this videos gameplay?


[url is not allowed]

how come? how can i make the graphics on my xbox like this?

is this pc gameplay? does it make that much of a difference?

anybody else feel the same way when they played?


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  1. Hey.

    Xbox 360 isn’t actually able to go up to True HD 1080p (the PS3 can however, as well as PC). It can only technically go up to HD 720p.

    Its not that the system or TV aren’t capable of doing 1080p, its the actual game discs the 360 uses. DVD ROMs aren’t able to go to 1080p but Blu ray can (PS3 uses nothing but Blu ray for games). DVD ROMs can only go up to 720p and then from there will “upscale” the graphics to make you THINK its in 1080p, but don’t be fooled, it actually isn’t. In other words, there is nothing you can do to improve your 360’s graphics. Its just not possible.

    There actually IS a significant difference between HD 720p and True HD 1080p. You will notice that the PS3 has far better graphics simply because its capable of going 1080p because of the HDMI, TV and game discs it uses. Besides that, the PS3 has sub-options that you can input to make the graphics even better.

    I’ve played several games (the same ones) on both systems and each time I do find A big difference in graphics between a PS3 and 360. PS3 just blows 360 into tiny bits and laughs when it comes to graphics (as well as many other things).

    It could also be that your particular flatscreen isn’t able to go up to 1080p, but the reality is the game discs will prevent you from going that high, simply because it requires so much space that they don’t have available. An example would be Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3. They WERE going to make this for 360 as well, but decided not to simply because it would have taken a full FIVE DVD ROMs just to get the WHOLE game instead of ONE Blu ray disc. Plus they wouldn’t have been able to make the game in 1080p for the 360 version and they really wanted it in 1080p. In the end, they decided to go with the PS3 for that game (and a few others) simply because the PS3 was able to handle everything and the 360 would not have been able to.

    That’s basically the reason. 360 just can’t support it because Microsoft is too cheap.

    Hope that helps.

  2. there is a big difference they scald the game down for consoles

    ps that was a e3 trailer so it was running on a 5000$ pc

    one more thing this late in the consoles cycle pc game will have a big advantage over consoles

  3. “ZGirl”, you’re wrong.

    The Xbox 360 is fully capable of producing native 1080p and you can have a game on a DVD that runs in 1080p. The media has nothing to do with it. NBA Homecourt, FIFA Street 3, and Virtua Tennis 3 were all native 1080p games.

    If you’re a PS3 fangirl and want to bash the Xbox then at least do it correctly. Yes, the DVDs have much less capacity than Blu-ray and that will limit the length of high resolution games or make them do it on multiple disks. But. the systems and the media are completely capable. The blu-ray just has more capacity.

    Keep in mind, too that Microsoft does not own the blu-ray technology so it’s a little more difficult for them. This is why they have been pursuing other high-density options.

  4. You can install the optional texture pack for Xbox 360 then the graphics will upgrade. However the video was from a PC version of the game so it might look different from your own console.

    A computer is much more powerful than the 5 year old designs of Ps3 and the 360. This is why they don’t look the same. Either way the game still looks fantastic.

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