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If I mod the Nyko Intercooler for Xbox 360 to work from an independent power supply, will it be effective?


Everywhere I ask, people tell me that the Nyko intercooler actually ruins your xbox 360 because it drains out its power supply.

So my question is, if i connect the intercooler to an independent power supply and run it, will it actually help in cooling the xbox or will it still be a bad choice?


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  1. The Nyko fan uses very little of the systems resources. The intercooler is however not a total wast of money it may extend your systems life a tiny bit.

    However your system does not Get the RROD because your system has bad air supply, 1 of the reasons it happens is because the grease under the heat sincs breaks down which causes extreme heat that 10 fans wouldnt cool,

    When it gets really hot the solder breaks down from under the prosessor and beads off which causes the X-clamps to bend slightly which give you a bad seal with the heat sincs.

    Its easy to fix if you knwo what your doing.

  2. Yeah there right. it does suck out air but it makes your 360 work twice as hard cause its leeching off its power supply and you can buy cooling stands if u like your xbox standing it leaves a mark on your xbox and microsoft refuses to fix it cause you put it on there your self it happened to my friend so I took it off cause I was scared my xbox would brake and you could do what that 1 guy said but a fan by the back of your xbox make sure the fans got its back to the xbox vent not air blowing in it traps the hot air(personal experience)

  3. To prevent it from overheating, I cut a hole in a box and placed the xbox 30 over the hole. The box will help circulate air. You can also take a 10-15 minute break after every 2 hours.

  4. Generally they are a bad choice. I bought one after my xbox first broke, hopeing it woulden’y break again. But it didn’t seem to help. Infact it voided my warranty so i had to pay £50 to get it fixed by a 3rd party.

    Connecting it through a power supply other than your xbox’s one is a good idea so it wouldn’t void your warranty, but personally I think they are a “ploy” by Nyko to get you to buy somthing that you dont really need / or is innefectave.

    To stop the RRoD just keep it out in the open, don’t cram it in a cupboard and it’ll be fine. The one at my dad’s house still works perfectly and that was bought on launch day 😛

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