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Official Xbox One Gameplay – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Official Xbox One Gameplay - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


  1. I am read comments and it is just funny that people are crying about fps graphics and etc. Guys i play this game on low and have 15-20 fps so you should shut up and stop being like a little naughty girl.

  2. should I get a Xbox one does this game work good with as in frame rate and stuff and no I don't want a pc and no fanboys please

  3. These graphics are good.

    But coming here from Jesse Cox's PC playthrough of TW3 on max settings, they're nothing to rave about.

  4. Its all about the TV you are using I have been playing witcher 3 on the xbox one on my samsung 55 inch curved (BEAST OF A TV) and it looks amazing cost me nearly 2k and worth every penny and I think its the best tv on the market or one of them oh and btw I own a ps4 and top end gaming pc i7 4770k overclocked (4.4) 32 gig ram and r9290 msi card and before any one else says 'why get it for xbox one if you have a ps4' I prefer xbox one controller and community online is better and the dashboard better.

  5. never got the "fanboy" bullshit.. I got a PS4 first… and love it.  Just bought an xbox one last week… and i seriously can't put down the remote..  Both consoles are fantastic, and server their own purpose..  stop trying to compare the 2… just enjoy and appreciate all gaming platforms, and how far gaming has come from the 80's and 90's

  6. I want to make it clear that this youtube video is an inaccurate depiction of how the game really looks on the Xb1. I want to also make it clear that the PS4 version is slightly sharper in terms of graphics, but ultimately undetectable difference from a reasonable difference from your TV. If you want to find out how this game really looks, you'll have to buy it for your respective console. This youtube video quality deadass giving me cancer.

  7. Why couldn't microsoft use higher end hardware so that way they can surpass the PS4, I do not understand why they keep choosing low end hardware and expect their console to be the future and yet they can't do 1080p only 1600p, I'm on Pc at the moment but i've been seeing people all over COmplaining about lag, and i keep saying Microsoft is to blame for the low end hardware.

  8. ps4 player here it looks fucking identical to the ps4 and most console players(like myself) will be playing on a tv that is at least 1-3 meters away so you won't notice anything now play the god damn game and stop whining about stupid fucking unimportant graphics.

  9. Xbox fanboys are annoying, PS4 fanboys are stupid and pc fanboys act like fucking snobby shitfucks when every single person commenting is using a pc so don't act like ur better

  10. The loading times killed this game for me. If you this game get a book to read while you wait for it to load

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