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Top 10 Music Based Video Games


Top 10 Music Based Video Games

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  1. While I agree with you on your number one pick, I think Samba De Amigo should've at least gotten an honorable mention.

  2. On every top List on this I can't find osu and it's the only one I play lol and I swear it's the most popular atm

  3. Ummm, parappa has TWO sequels that are as good as the first so maybe you should have put all three on the list.

    Oh and games are Um jammer lemmie and parappa the rapper 2

  4. I would of hoped Mr. Bones from the Sega Saturn would have got an honorable mention because some of the gameplay mechanics were music based like the guitar solo and the drum solo segments but I think those were the only two segments that were music based.

  5. First you include Pepsiman in worst game list now you not include Rocksmith 2014 in this list


  6. I know Osu! is just an online game based on Elite Beat Agents… But it deserved at least an honorable mention.

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