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Unepic – Walkthrough – Part 17 – Neuron Boss (Unepic Gameplay)


Unepic - Walkthrough - Part 17 - Neuron Boss (Unepic Gameplay)


  1. LOL the suicide thing doesn't do anything to me and confusion doesn't exist in the version I'm playing! Also I managed to get his health down to half with just arcane blast scroll things. And thanks for the great videos, they helped me a whole freaking lot!

  2. why did you drop all the stuff at the beginning of the battle? I must have missed why..and how to you prevent suicide attempts..they get me every time..

  3. When you bait and kill thieves they drop items they steal and can drop a scroll that leads to their lair where every item you have dropped ever is.

  4. So I forgot to remove the Halo from my inventory and he used it against me. Then I saved at the spirit (force of habit) went back to the room and all my stuff was gone.


  5. U can bait out the thieves by dropping something on the ground near a ladder, go up the ladder, wait for the thief to come steal the item, go down n kill him and hopefully he will drop a "weird scroll" which teleports you to the thieves' lair where all ur stuff is! 🙂

  6. you can drop random shit and wait till the bandits appear, once they do, kill them and they will either drop a scroll or one of your items, if you get the scroll, use it and it will tp you to a room with all of your stolen items, hope this helped

  7. I can do you one better c;

    If you kill enough thieves, they will eventually drop a Strange Scroll

    it will teleport you to their hide out 😀
    Along with MOST of your stolen loot

  8. This happened to me. Just drop some loot, hide, wait for the theif to come, kill him.

    Keep doing this until he drops the key.

    Hope that helps!

  9. Drop the Halo when the fight starts. It won't disappear, and the thief won't come as long as you are in the same room.
    Once you kill Neuron, get it back.

  10. I found a way to get the key back, if you kill enough thieves, one will eventuall drop a "Strange Scroll" and it will TP you to their hide out 😀 Along with almost everything they stole from you

  11. I used to be a roleplayer like you… then I took a thief to the key… :'(

    (as in, I accidentally TP'd away AFTER he died, and a
    thief stole the key Neuron dropped and my file is broken)

  12. I'v noticed that it suggest videos related to both the video yoru watching and video's you've watched in the past… busted much, Mr. Brony? 😉


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