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3 Questions about the new XBOX 360.?


So i’ve heard that the old 360’s were infamous for getting a red ring that crashed the system & i’m just curious if the latest models that came out more efficient. Second, is there a model that is bundled with the Kinect? And lastly, what are the prices? especially if I want to get one w/ Kinect. Thank you all.

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  1. 1. yes the new models have a way lower chance of crashing/overheating/breaking, will probably never overheat, thanks to its new feature that turns the system off when it senses too much heat buildup

    2. yes there are bundles for both the 4GB and 250GB model

    3. 4GB w/o kinect $199.99

    250GB w/o kinect $299.99

    4GB with kinect $299.99

    250GB with kinect $399.99

    Kinect separately $149.99

  2. Hey nice question, om there is models that come with kinect 300$ for that with a new 4 gb xbox or 400 with kinect for 250 gb xbox with kinect new models. Yeah my friend got red ring and i laugh today.But without kinect xbox 360 slim is 300 at walmart 250 gb, 4 gb slim is 200.If you dont want to pay 300 for xbox with nothing you can get the slim 4gb with a starter kit 2 xtra controllers 1 awesome headset etc.ONLINE. Finally kinect alone is 150 with kinect adventures game.


    Hope that help 🙂

    1 more thing buy a xbox gold 3 month or year at store 3 month is 25$.


  3. Not all the old xbox 360s had the red ring issue, it was really only the first two generations, and that was avoidable if you treated your xbox nicely (as I did, I had a first gen xbox last 4 years, before it finally died). I’ve had my Xbox 360 Slim (aka the new xbox) since it’s release, so I do know what I’m talking about.

    You can actually buy the new xbox 360 + kinect, it comes in a bundle. There are two different bundles

    [url is not allowed]. < Xbox 360 + 4gig hard drive + kinect + 1 game ($299.99) [url is not allowed]. < Xbox 360 + 250gig hard drive + Kinect ($399.99) * I would suggest going with the 250gb hard drive, games run cleaner if you install them, and 4gigs actually is really, really tiny. Now, the new xbox has its plus sides, and its negative sides. It does run quietly for the most part (on game start-up it can be quite noisy, but for the most part it is silent). It does seem to run and load a bit faster than my other xbox, and it doesn’t really heat up after use. HOWEVER, the new xbox has a major flaw, that a lot of people (including myself) seem to be encountering; it has issues reading discs, even new ones. I’m not too sure what the issue is quite yet, but a lot of games take multiple tries to get this new one to pick them up as games, rather than unreadable dvds.

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