Home Playstation Forum can’t add funds with my credit card to playstation network wallet?

can’t add funds with my credit card to playstation network wallet?


it worked 2 days ago but now it keeps saying an error has occurred (80023102) and money is still on the card

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  1. All error codes can be looked up via the Sony Support site. I looked up your error code:

    PSN, or a portion of PSN (PlayStation Store, chat, etc.) may be down.

    Click this link to find out the status of the PlayStation Network. If the network is down, please try your connection later.

    There may be an issue with your billing information

    Confirm that your credit card is still valid.

    Make sure that the billing address you have on file matches the billing address of your card.

    There are several other possible billing-related problems that could cause this error, please

    view this article for information on other possible billing issues and ways to avoid them

    [url is not allowed].

  2. That error code tells you it’s an issue on Sony’s end – the store servers can’t communicate with your bank or credit card.

    You know how sometimes you go into a store and there are signs saying cash only when their debit machines are down? same thing can happen to the playstation account when you can’t add funds , wait a while and try again , it usually gets fixed in a few hours but can take up to 48 hours when it happens on a weekend so if you absolutely have to add funds asap go buy a psn card and redeem it ( psn cards are always redeemable 24/7 )

  3. Look up the error code-

    It probably means that your bank is down or that part of ps3 is down or you have no funds in your account.

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