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Few questions about Xbox Live?


okay, im buying an xbox 360 from a friend and he has 2 months of live left, but i HATE his gamertag, i want to delete profile or what ever and start over on a fresh gamertag, my questions

-how to change gamertag (video please)

-if i delete his, will i lose live months?

-what should i change my gamertag to?

-best game for live experience?

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  1. 1. Open your guide button ( the glowing X on the controller) and go to the right to where it says profile. Go to ‘edit profile’, select gamertag, and then you will see a message saying it costs 800 points to change it. Follow the steps there and you can change it.

    2. Yes, you will. Live subscriptions are linked to the gamertag they are redeemed under. You won’t lose it if you just change the name though.

    3. Whatever you like.

    4. Halo 3, Gears of War 1 & 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and World at War, and Left 4 Dead.

  2. 1- I don’t have a video for you but you how you change it is by going to your profile then go to edit profile. Once you get there you click on gamer tag then you type in whatever you want it to be. Only bad thing is though is that it costs like 800 points.

    2- No, nothing changes for your account just your Gamertag. Its all the same even all your friends,etc.

    3- no idea

    4- Call of Duty series is the best, you can also try Halo 3, two different types of games though.

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