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Microsoft E3 2016 Press Conference Live Reaction


Microsoft E3 2016 Press Conference Live Reaction


  1. Sony is better. I have both Xbox and Playstation. But to be honest Sony surprised me the most. To me Sony is better.

  2. See PlayStation didn't release there console which is stupid because how are developers suppose to take all that power or the neo maybe not worth it see Xbox know what they are doing PlayStation just quit you suck how gives a shit hardcore gamers are on Xbox live

  3. Microsoft focused on powerful as fuck software
    Sony focused on games.
    Overall good for both of em.

  4. This is the successor to the Xbox 360! I'm damn proud of you, Microsoft! ­čśÇ DAYUM! 4K?!

  5. if microsoft were to stop paying employees to clap on their conference it would be a totally different conference

  6. 1:13:54 – They try really hard to be funny but… it's just pathetic, unfunny, stupid and I still don't even understand why they scream all the time at the end? To be more "convincing", more childish because it's so "cool"? Or… just because they have absolutely nothing to say and because they are paid to do that, so they are acting like a bunch or retards and like a sh**?

  7. Holy shit dude, I just noticed that green bottle on the right, my art teacher had one of those and we had to draw a bunch of em together, it's the same exact one!

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