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PS4 Controller Lightbar Decal – Overview & Install


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PS4 Controller Lightbar Decal - Overview & Install


  1. To anyone saying you can turn down the brightness: Keep in mind this was uploaded on February 25. The 1.70 update came out about 2 months after this video was made.

  2. I honestly see no problem with the light bar but the decals do make it look 100 times cooler

  3. glowing like sun? dude you got lots of battery to waste.
    i always keep it dim.
    the decals are nice though

  4. Am I the only one who hates the light bar because it reflects of my TV screen? I hate the light bar with a passion.

  5. it was their wiimote pointer rival that was rarely used. if only they used it as a pointer for at least the keyboard.
    then again, that would feel weird…

  6. it's like toilet paper is not good enough and yo have to get the fancy design toilet paper. sure put sticker on everything… what is this? some 2nd grade sticker shits.

  7. why dont u put the light bar of your controller to dim. on the controller options, i brights less, saves more battery and doesnt glow like the sun -.-

  8. I wasn't a fan of the light bar at first. It all changed when I was playing tomb raider… I entered a cave and lit up my torch and in that game when you are holding a lit torch the touch bar will flash red, yellow, and white quickly. I noticed by my feet that the light bar was making a very realistic torch flicker in my dark room. At that point it stopped being tacky and really started adding vibes to my game. Love it now, wouldn't cover it. I just keep it on dim. Cheers!

  9. It doesn't make a difference when you dim the controller when you're sleeping, I use my PS4 to play music so the controller would be on my bed so that I could connect my headphones

  10. you can dim the light by holding the ps4 button and going to sound and controller and go to light bar and put mediem or dim

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