Home Videos Unboxing 250gb xbox 360 – black friday special from gamestop

Unboxing 250gb xbox 360 – black friday special from gamestop


Unboxing 250gb xbox 360 - black friday special from gamestop

Black Friday Game Pickups (Xbox 360)


  1. That's understandable. But you do know it will cost over thousands of dollars to do such a thing right? You do need the right kind of harddrive and video card or such they could cost a lot of money but really dude… You believe in the world supposing to end T_T

  2. I'll probably better off getting a PC or a really good laptop then this.

    I want to mod games like GTA IV and GTA V when it comes out but I supposed, but that might be possible becuase I took a arrow to the knee and world is going to end . . . :'(

  3. I got it on black friday at gamestop. It was $250 where you can get the newest 250gb xbox 360 , forza 4, black ops 2, and skyrim. But knowing me, I traded in my ps vita with 4 games and some ps3 games which knocked off $200. Therefore I only payed $50 to get the whole xbox bundle 😀 By the way bro that sucks how they did that to you but it's great to see that you got your money back. 🙂 Check out either gamestop or amazon because I will never trust ebay again. Amazon is 30x better than ebay

  4. Congratulations on the Xbox pal.
    How much did it cost you?

    The Essentials edition isn't the best, it don't have all the DLC.

    I bought a Xbox 360 but the delivery company Yodel didn't deliver it, someone stole my fucking Xbox that I paid £179 ( 286.9549 US dollars ) for a Xbox 250GB with Skyrim and Forza 4 Essentials Edition and Kinect.

    The guy I bought it from on eBay had over 2000 good feedback and was 100% good.
    Got a refund and good thing is I didn't pay postage at any stage 😀

  5. I spent $300 ps4 games like
    -gta 5
    -the last of us
    -brand new need for speed
    -black ops 3 plus like either 3 and more!

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