Home Videos 10 banned video game commercials that shocked the world

10 banned video game commercials that shocked the world


10 banned video game commercials that shocked the world

Superhot is a game with a unique gimmick: time only moves when you do. This makes it a cross between a shooter and a strategy game as you plot your course through a level, dodging bullets like a panicky Neo from the Matrix. Like us in this Xbox One Superhot gameplay. Subscribe for more! http://tinyurl.com/SubToOxbox

Once you finish a level, Superhot replays your actions at normal speed, making you look like the world’s greatest badass, regardless of how fumbling and inept your moves seemed slowed down. This is excellent, and we thoroughly approve, for obvious reasons.

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Superhot Xbox One Gameplay - Let's Play Superhot on Xbox One


  1. oh come on the modern warfare one was just down right cleaver. who cares if it was also sex punk. That half of what made it good. "too shocking for people" more like "too shocking for those people who over react and who don't want to expose their children to the world"

  2. Stand off got ban cuz they where playing guns with there hand

    That not a very good reason to ban an ad. Also that looks fun can I join bang bang

  3. wow , im terribly shocked !
    I need 20 Years of therapy of triple-A psychologists now , to get rid of this shocking content . :/

  4. That is some insensitive shit to show a man hanging himself! My brother hung himself ! I would have sued the company for everything they had with other people who's loved ones committed suicide. Especially from hanging! One of the most common methods by males. Violent suicide is more common in males like guns and knives and bombs. Females are less violent in their Suicide. They shut the garage doors and leave the car running.

  5. watching you guys play this makes me wonder why you weren't casted to play in the Matrix and call it outside the matrix box or something.

  6. I like playing it cod style and thats how i finished it even tho it defeats the purpose…

  7. I was about to buy this but then people kept complaining about the SUPER HOT SUPER HOT thing and I now see why.

  8. I might be reading way to far into this but all the weapons are black your character is black implying you are the weapon.

  9. I can't find this on the Australian store, and I can't change it to the US store because I don't have a credit card.

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