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2nd hand ps3 banned on mw2?


Hello i brought a 2nd hand ps3 and had no problem playing games online such as black ops fifa mw3. But when i brought a copy of mw2 to play with friends it wont let me play due to a ban on the console. Is there any way i can get this ban lifted?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Most likely not. You would have to email Activision and explain your situation to them, and hope they believed you. Here is the website link. [url is not allowed] Good luck.

  2. If the actual ps3 was banned then that is permanent and the person who sold it to you was obligated to tell you it was banned

    It’s a fraudulent sale and you can get a full refund or sue if you want to , you paid for a working ps3 and got one that is not fully operational

    if the console is banned you won’t be able to even sign up for an account on it , sony banned it for a very serious violation such as theft , hacking or serious cheating that was not stopped after several suspensions.

    take it back and demand a refund , if you’re refused a refund take him to small claims court ( if under 18 your parents can file the suit ) and you’ll get your money back plus the cost to file the lawsuit guaranteed – he defrauded you
    If it’s just the account that was banned and you’re using an account that was already on the ps3 just restore the ps3 and create your own account , they’ll never remove a ban but you can remove a banned user account and use your own ( you could just be the same guy and scamming to get your account reinstated for all they know so a ban is always permanent – they gave that guy one or more suspensions as warnings before banning him )

    Unfortunately if the console was banned by activison for one game only there is nothing you can do about it other than not play that game and ask the seller for a full refund ( return the ps3 ) or a partial refund because it is not fully usable by you.

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