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Arcade Home Port Review: Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection


Arcade Home Port Review: Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection


  1. Got the new Star Wars tables yet? I just did, and I'm loving them.

    And then after about an hour of playing them, I switched to Gottlieb Collection and played Black Hole and Genie on a whim. Jarring gameplay change, to say the least. 😀

    TBH, while I respect older tables, I was raised on the fancy newer ones like T2, ST:TNG, and TWZ, so the "unrealistic" fast FX tables sit better then the hyper realistic relatively slow oldies. Thankfully, Pinball Arcade has plenty of tables more my speed.

  2. Good video. This game has to many old tables imo. Me personally, i really only play tables from the mid-80's so Pinball Arcade has a table selection that's more suited to my tastes.

  3. This video is from three years ago. The Pinball Arcade is the successor to Hall of Fame games since now they can add more games from multiple companies. (It sucks they keep running into problems with the console and PC versions but the mobile versions have been very good with some bugs they iron out every month)

  4. Pinball Arcade from the PSN store is a better i think. Theyre adding many tables from other manufacturers like Stern etc.

  5. This game wasnt released in Europe until 2011 and them only as a downloadable title. I wonder what took them so damm long :/

  6. Excellent! I've been playing the Android port of Pinball Arcade and really enjoying it. They recently did a Kickstarter to get the rights to Twilight Zone, so I'm looking forward to that.

  7. @swan714 At the time Farsight Studios only had the rights to do Williams original tables. Now with The Pinball Arcade they have the rights to all Bally and Williams tables. They just need to work out the rights with the actors and Paramount Studios.

  8. @utubepunk It's part of Pinball FX 2. They have eight Marvel tables you can buy in four packs, they also have some single tables like Fantastic Four as well. My favorite is still Amazing Spider-Man. I can combo the ramps for days.

  9. @bazzjedimaster You're in luck. They've recently announced The Pinball Arcade for multiple platforms that runs like Zen/Pinball FX where you can pay to unlock multiple tables. Look up "The Pinball Arcade" for a trailer of the first few game they'll have up for download.

  10. hi does anyone know if the soundtrack is available? or has anyone ripped the songs? i want Brett Rakestraw – Let Go

  11. Does it have the flipper delay like on the wii. Freaking unbearable! Click flipper button, second later flipper flips. Annoying.

  12. @BillyCauseyjr Try checking online if you can't find it in stores. Amazon usually has it. I have seen it in stores at Best Buy and Wal*Mart.

  13. @elsquibbs This is a review of the 360 version. If you listen I say about the 1:20 mark I mention that the 360/PS3 version has three extra tables the Wii version lacks.

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