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Best Xbox 360 College Hoops Games


The Xbox 360 College Hoops is a franchised game made by 2K Games NCAA and the game has three versions from 2K6 to 2K8.

Xbox 360 College Hoops 2K6: If you want to simply play basketball anytime without all the extravagant tricks then this is the one for you. But for the game not to be boring, gameplay enhancements and visual presentation is presented decently. You will be able to monitor each of your player’s rating and the characters are closely resembles the ones in NBA 2K6 which looks very nice. To be able to see the characters up-close, you are provided with different camera angles. When you get a hold of this game, you should take a look at the Legacy Mode which makes the game even better.

Xbox 360 College Hoops 2K7: This version is said to be even better than the 2K6 version. The presentation is even better and there are a lot of options that will surely keep you tuned in. What makes this version even better is the background sounds especially the chants. You will feel like you are in a real basketball stadium. Updates are also given through the College Hoops Tonight feature that makes the Legacy mode even better.

Xbox 360 College Hoops 2K8: If you think that the 2K7 version is better then better take a look at the 2K8 version. Aside from the already impressive Legacy mode, more features are added to this version. You will also be able to change the details on each character and coach that you choose. Aside from that, adjusting their skills and abilities are also available.

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Submitted On August 20, 2009Console GamesAs the name of the game implies, Xbox 360 College Hoops is all about different colleges competing for the top spot. Now, you can get your own college or favorite college team to win.xbox 360 college hoops, xbox 360 college hoops 2k6, xbox 360 college hoops 2k7

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