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BGST: Microsoft Confirms New Native 4K Xbox Scorpio Games! Who Needs Marketing Deals?!?


BGST: Microsoft Confirms New Native 4K Xbox Scorpio Games! Who Needs Marketing Deals?!?


  1. Great BGST! Thanks for watching everyone! Appreciate the support! Make sure you support everyone's channel and Twitter! RACK'EM UP!

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  3. Cliffy B is a Microsoft guy he is also a starving human being that wants to make a profit on the I.P he's investing in thus why He's gone to the console with the majority market share

  4. Why would MS sell Scorpio at a loss if it's not going to make a difference in the console war. The regular Xbox One S is going to outsell it 10/1 considering its going to be a lot cheaper and is mass market unlike Scorpio. Keep putting all your eggs in the Scorpio basket though.

  5. I think Microsoft have been outplayed. The last console war was about specs and resolution and Sony won. Now Microsoft are going all out for specs and resolution but Sony is going all out for exclusives. So Sony will win again because they've changed the war to exclusives which Sony are miles ahead & Microsoft don't have.

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  7. LMega….you go out of your way to hate Sony, but they are making moves and and out hustling MS on every move.

  8. Going by the Technology. This thing is Water Cooled, you Don't see that in a Gaime system. No way $399.99. $499.99 all the way. And I'm Cool with that. Just sayin.

  9. I suggest since you were chat raided by these loons that you do yourself a favor and down vote the videos they will post showing their attack and report the channels involved because they're completely insane.

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  11. sony does since they have no more big AAA titles for the rest of the year and no holiday games as usual….lmao

  12. I love Xbox One but the problem I have is once a game doesn't sell well they won't give it another try. I mean PlayStation is making Knack 2 even though it didn't sell well this what Xbox needs to do. I mean look at all our best exclusives and they're not getting sequels.

  13. what's pissing me off and it's not just this game but I BUY every game that comes out and I'm getting g sick of the IOU'S from developers and will fix it I promise. no screw that I'm done preordering and getting day 1buys I'll just stay clear of spoilers

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