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Blackguards Review.


Blackguards Review.


  1. How did I miss this release? I love these types of games and RPG/MMO/MMORPG games! Excellent in depth review going to get a trail copy of it right now.

  2. I really like TBS games and i really wanted to like this one but it made it nearly impossible to like. The story is pretty bland, side quests are few and far between, there is no exploration involved whatsoever, you simply move from one location to another like in a Mario game. The music is decent but repetitive, the voice acting is TERRIBLE (especially the female player character) and the loot system is very poor.
    The only interesting thing about this game is the turn based combat which is pretty good, but it's very punishing to the player (even an experienced tactical games player will find this combat excruciating). There is a dice roll on EVERY action, even on bandages and healing spells which make them not very reliable in combat.
    Your characters will miss quite often and also fall prey to environmental hazards A LOT (if a character slips in a puddle of water he will be useless for 2 turns) which becomes very teedious in the long run. Characters' special abilities will actually REDUCE the chance to hit instead of increasing it.
    The difficulty curve is also very unballanced turning the game into a real pain suddenly at the end of act 1. There are a lot of annoying combat mechanics that might be ok in a pen and paper tactical RPG but NOT in a tactical video game.
    I really wanted to play this game, but the difficulty became unbearable so i had to let it go. Too bad, because the combat system is interesting, but way too punishing.

  3. Great style of reviewing a game. I like these non 5 minute reviews. Thanks, this game is exactly what I'm looking for.

  4. Thanks for all the effort that you obviously put in to your review. It showed the game from a totally different angle from what i've seen so far…

  5. The concept seemed too simple for me but I haven't played it. Is it just like 'put range in back' and 'put melee in front'? I heard the game gets harder, but there's a difference between concept and difficulty. 

  6. I havent played a turn-based game like this sinse the original age of wonders or something lol
    Great looking game tho, and great review! 🙂

  7. Oh, also, this is grade A review, man. Perfect short intro and straight to the goodies. Subbed.

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