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Call Of duty 4 and Halo3?


Are these 2 games only fun when you have Xbox live even if you beat both of their campaigns more than once
Also which games online is better?

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  1. GTA4!!


    seriously tho


    other then that cod4

    halo is ehh not better then halo 2 kinda in better then halo1 but ehh

  2. I would be perfectly happy if the publishers of both games would make games that were for online play only. Just imagine what they could come up with if their creative efforts were for the multiplayer content only. I would like to see the ability to have a large scale battle on a massive map for both Call of Duty 4 and Halo (64 or more players).

  3. CoD4 is known for its multiplayer, but the single player isn’t that bad. Halo is known for single player, though the first one had the best single player. They are two different types of fps. Halo3 is a sci-fi shooter and CoD4 is a realistic shooter. I like CoD4 cause its realistic and they people you play against don’t cuss every 5 second with their high voices.

  4. yeah pretty much

    u’ll get bored of the campaign

    those games are very well known for their multiplayer (live or local)

  5. no, play with some freinds, even more fun then live i think especially halo 3 multiplayer, kicks but!

  6. Yeah both games r really good, i personaly like halo 3’s campain better, but the games r nothing unless u have x box live

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